You will get to see how its made, learn its history, and taste some of the best moonshine made right here in East Tennessee. Crafted from old family recipes passed down for generations. These moonshiners aren't just making alcohol, they are making history. We will also be visiting a facility on this tour that isn't on our usual longer Moonshine & Wine tour.

Simply stated, “moonshine” is untaxed liquor, furtively produced out of the immediate reach and oversight of law enforcement. Nicknamed “corn likker,” “white lightening,” “white mule,” “mountain dew,” and numerous other local appellations, the typical moonshine is clear in color and potent, usually approaching 100 proof, or 50 percent alcohol by volume.

The process of making moonshine includes fermentation, distillation, and condensation. The basic ingredients are sugar, water, yeast, cornmeal, and malt. First the mash of fermented grain is carefully heated. At the conclusion of the process, the alcohol is condensed, using the “worm,” a coil of copper pipe in a barrel of cool water. Although the process appears to be a simple one, only well-trained and highly skilled practitioners can produce unadulterated whiskey under such generally primitive conditions.

This is a short version of our famous Moonshine & Wine tour. This tour features only moonshine and we will be visiting 2-3 distinct moonshine facilities. Since the idea is to keep the tour under 2.5 hours we may only get to visit 2 of the 3 facilities on a tour. Normally this is affected by a number of factors such as traffic conditions and group size. We had many potential guests state that they would love to join the Moonshine & Wine tour but that 5 hours was just to long for them ... so we made this tour just for those on a time crunch. The facilities we have chosen are selected for their high rankings among our guests or for their unique way of operating/distilling. You will get free tastings at each of the locations as well as a backstage tour to see up close how moonshine is produced. You will also get the history of moonshine as it pertains to our unique part of the world. Along the way you may also watch DVD's about famous moonshiner Popcorn Sutton. This tour is also designed with fun in mind. By the end of this tour you will have an intimate knowledge of moonshine, its history and its unique flavor. You will get to taste a very interesting part of American history and perhaps even make some new friends along the way. Countless guests have stated that a tour with us "was the best part of their vacation" (their own words not ours). 

This tour departs from 153 East Wears Valley Rd. Pigeon Forge, TN

Please check in at the tour office 30 minutes before departure time.

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Due to lack of popularity and few bookings this tour has been retired until further notice. Please click here to return to the tour page.

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